It is no surprise that with the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us are feeling on edge and struggling with anxiety. 

I think it is incredibly important that we discuss mental health during times like now, and that’s why I invited an expert on the field: Sara Moskowitz

Sara is a Psychotherapist who specializes in trauma, anxiety, and attachment issues.

In this interview with Sara we talked a lot about specific (And very simple) exercises you can do to help you cope with your anxiety. 

Some of the questions answered are:

-What is anxiety

-What causes anxiety

-What is the difference between anxiety and depression

-What can we do to manage anxiety

– Much More!


You can find out more about Sara Moskowitz at:

(She is offering 10%OFF to all her remote consultation services with the promo code: NATHALIA10)

Click HERE to watch the interview


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